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In pursuit of excellent environmental performance, Jay Chemicals is continually improving its environmental performance to prevent or reduce pollution and waste.

Jay Chemicals complies with international quality requirements & applicable environmental regulations. Jay Chemicals rigorously implements philosophy of 4 R's of Reduce, Reuse, Recover & Recycle. By practicing above philosophy, Jay Chemcials has been able to achieve 40% reduction in fresh water consumption, 30% reduction in solid waste generation and 15% reduction in VOC emission over a period of three years.

Investing in research and process development benefits Jay's customers as well as the environment, both in short term and over a longer time span.

Jay Chemicals also has an efficient solvent recovery and recycle process and extensively uses secondary chilled condenser as well as condenser on the atmospheric side of vacuum system to reduce VOC emission.

Jay Chemicals has a well designed activated sludge based ETP for handling 75 m3 per day of waste water.

Our effluent treatment plant consists of primary, secondary & tertiary treatment. Aeration tank of 350 KL capacity is equipped with NOPOL disc diffuser for efficient aeration. Treated effluent is conveyed to Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) through underground drainage system.

Jay Chemicals is a member of CETP operated by Vapi Waste & Effluent Management Company Limited (VWEMCL) which is Asia's largest composite effluent treatment plant with a capacity to treat 82000 m3 of waste water per day.

Jay is also a member of Common Solid Waste Depository (CSWD) where all hazardous waste generated is disposed.

Jay has efficient scrubbing system for gases like HCl, SO2, NH3, Cl2 etc.

Jay is also a member of Bharuch Enviro Infrastructure Limited (BEIL) for common incineration facility at Bharuch as well as Indian Environmental Association (IEA)


Jay Chemicals has an uncompromising approach towards offering hazard free work environment and optimum safety to its employees. We are constantly eliminating unsafe conditions in all our operating areas and conducting safety training programs for the well being of employees.


Jay Chemicals exercises professional integrity at every level of its conduct, both internally with its employees and externally with the clients, consistently achieving its commitments in terms of quality, delivering on time and preserving confidentiality.


At Jay Chemicals, it is our firm belief that science and innovation can create possibilities to nurture a community building relation with the local population.

To achieve this, Jay Chemicals together with Vapi Industries Association has been elemental in regularly conducting social welfare programmes like health check up & blood donation camps, urban infrastructural solutions with solar energy, water harvesting & sanitary management for the community welfare.

Jay Chemicals is also active in vital social aspects like health & vocational education programme conducted by government institutions and NGO's

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